asset management

In addition to our property management services, unitii can also share our extensive asset management expertise.  Our team will work with you on different options on how best to invest your capital that will maximize your returns.  Unitii asset management includes:

  • Market Surveys
  • Capital Plans and Budgeting
  • Suite Rejuvenation Program
  • Building Rejuvenation Program
  • Insurance and Restoration

Suite Rejuvenation Program:

A unit doesn't need to be new to look new.  Unitii will assist you with creating a suite revitalization program including ROI targets to help manage your investment. 

Building Rejuvenation Program:

Upgrading the exterior & common areas of your property extends the life, increases the value, and increases your potential rent.  Unitii can help you decide what to renovate and our team can complete the renovations for you.

Insurance and Restoration:

Unplanned events happen, you can trust unitii to restore your property after these events.